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tv   Today  NBC  January 25, 2016 10:00am-11:00am CST

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andy grammar is singing for us. >> zachary -- >> levi. >> he is in that telenovella show. he is such a singer, this guy. i did a nascar event, whenever it was, a few months ago, and he was there, and i was supposed to say, you know, drivers start your engines. he sang "the national anthem." i looked over and thought, oh, my gosh, this guy has an incredible set of pipes. he plays eva longoria's love interest. we're supposed to take acting lessons with him. >> if you were busy this weekend or busy shoveling snow, you might have missed the hollywood scoop. we'll get you caught up with "today's buzz." he has some big stars as his clients. he has talked some of our staffers, and we'll see how well
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then this really fun guy chris cormack. he is on "nashville." . he has a great singing voice and a good single off of his number one album. >> he is a hunk too, huh? hot. >> when i was little, he looks like a ken doll. that's what i would have wanted my ken doll to look like. >> he is fine. >> that jawline. >> everyone was in the snow. you know what, you whn it snows so hard you're so happy because you get to sleep, and you don't have to go do anything. >> except if you have two kids. >> what did you guys end up doing? >> i used to love the snow day because you just sit around. >> sit around. >> have a bloody mary. >> that's what we did. bloody mary. >> my dream. >> living the dream. >> your kids still wake up. you still have to get up. i said to henry, i said, we're going to use this opportunity to potty train. >> the storm was a good opportunity -- >> yes.
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inside, right? she can't -- it's fine if she pees on your own floor. here she is with every toy -- every possible toy. i'm a little bit afraid. i don't know if people feel this way. i'm raising my -- i don't know. somebody that needs a lot of props to use the restroom. a lot of props. it worked. it worked. hallelujah. i think the reason why i did it, i was talking with lindsey, the producer, and she's, like, you haven't potty trained nila yet? it's only my pure lazyness. she could have been potty trained by now, but we really want to waste our whole weekend potty training? i feel badly about that. >> but she got it quick? >> she got it. she did pee on henry's leg. >> well, yeah. >> we took her to starbucks. the starbucks across the street was open. we took the kids for a break out of the house. she was, like, i don't need to
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three, two, one, and henry goes what's wet? it's all about how you react. he was, like, oh, no big -- that's just a little nothing. like hide it from the people. you are supposed to be, like, oh, no big deal. you don't want to scar them. >> have you ever peed your pants when you were a kid? >> i peed my pants, like, last week. >> let's take you back to little kid days. were you ever in your -- were you ever sitting in class, and you had to go. >> no, but i pooped my pants once. i pooped my pants on a slide. then i went down the slide, and my mom had to -- i was in kindergarten or something, preschool, and my mom said that she drove up, and they were, like, jenna had an accident. i know. i had to go. i was sitting on the little, you know -- the curb. >> like waiting.
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>> oh, my god. my worst urinate story was when i was 7 or 8. maybe i was 6. i was in tap which i hated. i had the tutu and the whole thing. it was the audition or whatever. no, it was the recital. >> no. >> everyone is there, and i kept telling the teacher i have to go. she said you just hold it. just hold it. >> that is so mean. >> you can't take off this and that. it was too late. i went out, and i'll never forget it. step shuffle hop step, and i started peeing, and i was crying and tapping and peeing. it just kept going. >> in front of everybody? >> crying and tapping and peeing, but i kept going. i was scarred. i remember it. i remember i was just sobbing, and it was wet all over the floor, and that is what happened. >> it's horrifying. whoever the teacher is, let people pee when they need to. >> it was time. but let's look at someone who had fun.
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about the snow. >> shies very fashionable. she's s cute. we have to recap vegas a little bit. we did have -- we had fun. one of our favorite moments in case you missed it was the scene from "the hangover." we trashed the suite. look at it. i didn't really see it. okay.
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>> where -- where are we? did i lose a tooth? i knew we should have gone do the donny and marie show. wait, what time is it? >> we're late. we have a show to do. >> where's my shoes? what is that? >> by the way, the guy on the floor is gavin. that was the guy. look, we just want to show you what our producer did. we stayed an extra day and whooped it up. our producers -- >> gavin is right there. >> that's him. he got escorted off the property. you don't want to know why or how, but there were some issues with gavin. >> we were laughing so hard. the poor guy had to play our, you know, person that passed out on the -- your role is to be passed out on the ground. >> his face was in a pizza box. >> did that really happen? i was, like, no, my tooth is still intact.
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that we did in vegas was you did something that i love. i got to observe. you taking a drop. an 829 foot drop from this thing called the sky drop. >> why do i keep saying yes to this? i'm literally sweating in places didn't know i could sweat. where am i going? wait. no, i don't want to. hoda, i love you. i have a giant wedgy. can you push me? no, don't push me yet. >> three, two, one, go. >> viva las vegas. [ screaming ] >> oh, my gosh. >> that is so disturbing. >> is it a bungee? >> that is so disgusting. >> how did you feel after? >> i mean, i felt sweaty on my lip watch it. i really am sweating. i'm sweating under my kneecaps. >> that's when you know you
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>> that's a weird spot. i have really -- i don't like this stuff. i hate it. everybody, don't make me do it again. >> she doesn't want to do it. >> i don't ever want to do it again. i felt sick to my stomach where i was, like, worried ts goi to happen. i could throw up. gross. >> that would have been horrible. >> yeah, could have been worse. >> well, congrats on doing it. yeah. >> i had to jump up and down too with j. lo's backup dancers. she was right there. oh, my god. i reached out and touched her hand. >> wow. your segment looks so hard. >> by the way, she gives such an awesome concert. it is awesome, awesome. we're going to show you a special behind the scenes clip that we hadn't showed you yet. i got to talk to casper, j. lo's boyfriend, and it was right before the show, and you don't -- you see them together
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really get them, and then -- here's a little tape. >> what is it like being in the audience and not on stage? >> i love it. yeah. i love watching it in general, and then to watch, of course, my girlfriend it's even more, and then watching her is even more. sometimes you step back, and you go, like, she is incredible. >> do you get nervous for her? sometimes when you love somebody and they're on stage, your heart pounds for them. >> yeah. certain parts i know are coming up that are, like, a little bit scary or complicated or it's a big lift or throw or something. i'm, like -- yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah. i can't tell you that she does. she gets very close to the edge of the stage and there's security. make sure you are right there. just in case. she's, like, i'm not going to fall. make sure you're there. >> he is looking out for her. >> can you imagine if j. lo was
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>> no. >> i just mean that talent and that -- you're standing there watching somebody that talented you are, like, that's my girlfriend? >> can we show the panda? do we have time? if you didn't get to enjoy the snow, and i know maybe -- i mean, there's nothing better than watching this panda at the national zoo love up on the snow. >> i sort of feel like that's what henry looked like when he did a snow angel. don't tell him i said that. >> if you leave now, you're going to miss our favorite stick around. >> yes. plus, the tele novella star that's in a lot of triangle with eva longoria. bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me you've got the power, to turn on the light
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little nervous. take a look. here to talk. i'm here to sing. >> oh, god. >> i'm so sorry. >> james. please forgive me i should have been honest all along so i put my apology into this little song >> you guys -- >> eva longoria. >> you guys have been pal forces a long time. >> a decade plus. >> really? >> i was working on a show called "less than perfect" way back in the day. it was a sit com. it was right when "desperate housewives" was starting. we just hit it off. we're just kindred spirits. she's such a lovely person. so smart, so lovely, talented. this role came up with her new show, and she said i feel like this could be something really
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i said, yeah, let's do it, so we did it. >> y'all are good friends, but you play love interests. >> yeah. there's definitely like a love -- >> is there smooching going on? >> there's a little smooching. she's a fantastic kisser. fantastic kisser. >> is it at all awkward? >> that's it. >> steamy. >> after ten years of friendship and that moment happens, is it really just work? >> it's just work. being an actor is such a weird job. fortunately for us we've known each other for so long, but that also make it more awkward. you are my friend for ten years. do i kiss you now? normally you are meeting somebody for the first time. hi, i'm zach. tongue or no tongue? how romantic is this? >> i know so many people know you as a singer, but when we were at nascar, whenever that was -- >> yeah. >> i was, like, oh, you're here. when you grabbed that mike he was, like, what is going on, and you killed it. you sang "the star-spangled banner." >> only the second time i did it.
10:16 am
do we have that? do we have that? >> we have that. rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air >> that was the first time i did it. it was game five. i'm a big dodger fan. >> were you nervous? >> i was crazy nervous. nothing a little maker's mark can't help a little bit. >> do you worry about forgetting the words or anything like that? >> no. oddly enough, i sing the national anthem a lot. >> where? >> just like on the show. i don't know. i love singing. i sing in the shower a lot, and i sing songs that i know, and i'm also patriotic, i don't know, so i'm singing "america the beautiful." "god bless america." i wasn't worried about the lyrics, but i was worried about starting in the wrong key. if you start too high, you get to the rockets red glare and you are either good or, oh, you are super hosed. >> we're going to play a little telenovella. can we? >> you are playing the exec, right? >> yes, i do.
10:17 am
i play the exec. i -- >> we have wigs. >> we have wigs as well. >> you don't. >> i don't get a wig. i don't need a wig. i'm already wearing one. >> not exactly -- >> oh, that's a look right there. >> gunky. >> we have our lines. this looks like my real hair. >> it does. i'm sure it does. that looks like you. you're playing hoda. >> all right. please do it. >> do we have music or anything? >> no. do it, do it. >> amiga, you know i have co-hosted with you many atimes. >> si, amiga. >> but you have never co-hosted with senior here, and we have sfw to tell you. >> si, si, we do.
10:18 am
>> we are in amore. >> for how long? >> for a few minutes. >> this is all happening, you guys. this is really happening. >> senior levi, how dare you! >> ah! >> there's enough of me to go around. >> i love you, but you have something to tell you. i'm in love with cathy kathie lee. >> why does this look like my hair? that's my take-away. >> watch telenovella. >> every monday night. 8:30, 7:30 central. >> the round about theater company. we open march 17th.
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she watches us on channel 11. dina is -- >> hi, dina. >> how are you? >> hi. >> you got a good blow-out. hey. >> hey. >> so cute. okay, dina. let's tell everyone why you were chosen beside being a super fan. dina just celebrated five years of overarian cancer-free. >> dina, we love you. dina loves watching our show while drinking her signature kale juice spritzer. she named is after kathie led refreshing. we agree. >> ambush makeover and cooking segments are her favorites, but now it's time to put your fandom to a test with a trivia question. you have 15 seconds and one guess. >> all right. you need to answer right, and you'll win the grand prize. are you ready, girl? >> i am so ready. this is the best day ever. >> aww. >> last week jenna and i took
10:23 am
which exciting city did we broadcast from? >> it was las vegas! >> dina, you are right. you won a fabulous vacation. you and a guest are going to tallahassee, florida, where you will spend three nights at a historic -- >> the park avenue inn. you'll also enjoy a kayak tour with the tnt hide-away. and ziplining. be careful with the zip lining. >> you get two dinners at vincent and -- >> wow. that's fantastic. >> it's thanks to visit tallahassee. who are you bringing with you? >> thank you so much. cheers, and hoda, thank you for sharing your story on the show. >> we love you, honey. thank you so so much. get ready to be amazed. you'll see what happened when
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it is fun day monday. jenna filling in for kathie lee. if you are one of the 80 million people digging out of the snow this weekend, you may have missed celebrity scoop. >> here's our weekly correspondent nina terrerro. >> mariah carey, we knew she was engaged. she just met the guy a year ago? >> they started officially dating last year. she knows how to add pieces of swrulry to her collection. that engagement ring is everything. it's 35 karats. that's bigger than kim kardashian and beyonce's
10:29 am
it is almost as big as the hope diamond. who can say no after being proposed to with that ring? >> i guess you would just wear that around? >> i would go ice skating on that. >> i'm afraid somebody would maybe cut it off, you know? >> whose she engaged to? >> james packer, an australian billionaire, and this is the third marriage for both of them, and they each have kids. it seems like nick cannon, her ex, has given his seal of approval. he says to instagram on friday, he put up a funny meme saying it's just a ring, nick. he is, like, it's okay. great couple. congratulations to you both. >> maria, she loves her christmas. we know that. she is still living in christmas. >> apparently she is in the mood to celebrate. all weekend long the snow inspired her to celebrate christmas part two. i mean, she had a christmas tree. like, what a diva wants, what a diva gets. i don't know how you get a christmas tree in late january. she even put presents underneath it.
10:30 am
it's her holiday. part two? >> because it snows? >> because it snowed. it put her in the festive spirit. >> mark is one of the celebrities in new york, and he seems to have lost his cell phone and wallet while walking around in the blizzard. >> how does that happen? >> if you try to make a cull. >> it probably fell out of his pocket. >> he turned to twitter for help. he put out and said i lost my stuff. can you help me find it in. >> a family with two small children found his stuff, and he wa really grateful. if you are mark ruffalo, you don't need to call the avengers. you call your fans. >> you can just call the phone. >> yeah. use the tracker. cute. so cute. >> gave them each $100, somebody said. yeah. >> that's a college fund. >> other celebrities, i mean -- >> swren fer hudson, kate
10:31 am
were null aul in the snow. john stamos, he was by the pool. he could have invited me. >> there's something fun about income the snowstorm. it was 1/8 of an inch less of the forever record. there's something about being in a community. >> i lost some brain cells. netflix. >> nina, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> coming up, the hollywood medium who has celebrities hanging on his every word. >> find out what happens when tyler sits down with a few strangers. >> plus, a perform wrans by
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join for free now and lose 10 pounds on us. at just 10 years old tyler henry knew he was different foretelling his grandmother's death and later reading his classmates. >> now a decade later the 20-year-old is using his gift to help big name celebrities communicate with their departed friends and loved ones. >> you can see it all in the new reality series that premiered last night. it's called "hollywood medium with tyler henry." >> my aunt made me this bear, and it's basically a bear made of my uncle's shirts. he was a farmer type. he made a lot of -- he wore a lot of denim and flannel. >> okay. so is he there. he is coming through. who is elaine? >> no! i can't. oh, my god. >> who is this? tell me.
10:37 am
>> that's his fiance. >> tyler, welcome. >> thank you. >> when you are sitting there with snooki or whoever else you are sitting, how does it come to you? do you hear something, see something, feel something? >> well, i work primarily as a claire voint. impressions. i get little pictures, images, but i have to kind of piece together and deliver in a message. >> you were 10 years old when you knew you had this gift. how did it come to you? what happened? >> well, you know, it didn't feel like a gift initially because, you know, i was 10 years old, and i woke up one night and just knew that my grandmother was going to pass away. i walked into the room to tell my mom that i just knew, and upon telling her, we got the call moments later that my grandmother passed. >> what did your mom say? >> she was in complete shock. it's hard to even come up with words at that point, but from there it just developed into getting feelings about school mates and teachers and people that i interacted with. offices, and we wanted you to read a few of our staffers, and one of our plaza producers, the
10:38 am
you picked up on. let's take a look. >> i'm going to bring -- i think two people for you, which is good to keep in mind. i have a man that dropped of a heart attack. completely randomly. the emphasis is that i don't think we could have really predicted this happening. that m for you? >> this is crazy. you're definitely talking about my dad. he passed away of heart failure completely unknown overnight. >> he did. definitely coming through very clearly. i have a visual coming through. what i can see was a trablg. where does that make sense for you? >> my brother died of a drug overdose. >> please know he is with your dad as well, of course. they definitely connect. there's a reference to a name being passed down. >> my brother was named after my dad. >> okay. that's the connection. >> we have that connection. >> oh, my god. we know all about alex and what he has been through, and i can't
10:39 am
those things or felt those things. you gave him what seemed like a piece -- it felt like peaceful. >> your job must be difficult because you are giving people these news that is hard sometimes. >> it's very sensitive subjects, so it really puts the emphasis on the delivery, but the goal is to heal. >> you also is a something with jen, who is a producer of ours. >> she lost her mom too. let's take a look. >> i mentioned she was given permission to go. she was also acknowledging very deeply that she actually tried to communicate. she's referencing right before that she said thankfully upon transitioning she was not conscious. are you aware of that? >> yeah. >> she's also acknowledging very clearly that she knew her hand was being held. she is so thankful for that last interaction because that was something for her that she needed, and she did try to move her hand just a little just to let it be known that she was there. okay? she's very clearly very aware that that happened, and that for her was the good-bye.
10:40 am
was there with her at the end. >> she did. she was aware. she knew. your job. wow. and it is nice to know because we all have questions after we give them that peace. when you go into a celebrity's home and you -- let's say you hear from someone who may not be the nicest person because everything you have shown has been a great gift. >> sure. >> do you have difficulty saying, hey, look, by the way, not so happy this one or -- >> well, you know, i always say perspective, and oftentimes when people pass, they really take in life. readings are about healing and the connection wez make with our loved ones and what dow in readings is about providing clarity and insight and closure. being able to let people know that their loved ones are okay, and it's a healing on both sides. not only for the client, but for the soul on the other side. >> wow. we wish you had time for us, but someone said we're out of time. >> i know. >> can you feel anything here?
10:41 am
up on information. it really requires me to sit down. >> maybe we'll do this in commercial break. >> that was outstanding. >> thank you so much. i loved the opportunity. >> you do it with such a kindness. >> that's the goal. >> you can catch hollywood medium on sunday nights at 10:00 eastern on e!. >> he is a familiar face on hollywood making a big splash as a big-time music star. >> chris carmack performs his ne there's a voice of a daredevil in all of us. that urges us to shake things up, to turn up the heat, and take bigger risks. why should damaged hair silence that voice? new dove regenerative nourishment with red algae complex in a formula that nourishes to regenerate extremely damaged hair. for smooth, strong and healthy looking hair as if damaged never happened.
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wow, we have made it through a whole week. your mom is going to be so... surprised.
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with bewell 24/7. one of the many services provided exclusively to wellmark members. call 844-84-bewell. >> he is the singer songwriter with a smooth and powerful voice, and, get this, he also plays one on tv. >> we're talking about chris carmack. his fans know him from "nashville" where he plays the openly gay country singer. >> he just released his debut e.p. which hits number one on
10:47 am
it's called "pieces of you." how good is it to be you? the show. you have a hit record. >> yeah. things are cranking along for me right now, and it's an exciting time in my life. >> country music on nashville, and you have your own sort of vibe and sound that you are going to play. >> you know, i'm still trying to find my voice as a musician and an artist, and um really proud of this e.p. that i put out. the song on the album is an electrified things, and here i am doing acoustics. >> acoustic. we can't wait. >> take it away. >> all right. >> chris carmack. the holes in the wall behind
10:48 am
the one with our mouths gaping only wide froze news 10 a song unsung telling old sad stories of time, something i held in never mind and i can't bring myself to patch them up sugars on the counter because you took your coffee sweet carpets on the floor cause you hate the feeling of the cold against your feet in my bed you're not there hair and i can't bring myself to wash the sheets
10:49 am
too many pieces to hold on to could we put them back together hang this picture on the wall the holes are there to hang it and i'll be here if you call well, my mind keeps rattling round the love that we had at the start i could cry, but it only
10:50 am
to break my heart oh there are too many pieces of you too many pieces to hold on to could we put them back together hang this picture on the wall the holes are there to hang it and i'll be here if you call
10:51 am
i'll be here if you call [ applause ] >> itunes charts. >> that was really good. >> thank you, thank you. >> that wa >> thank you for having me.
10:52 am
>> that was so good. time to share favorite things. while i was binge watching with jill, we saw a show called "billions" on lifetime. sunday nights. >> i want to watch that. all right. my best friend, her name is mia. she gave me this painting by this texas artist named kelsey smith. she's from austin. if you zoom in, that's me holding poppy and little mila.
10:53 am
it means welcome poppy. there's cats in the sky. also tumeric. this is a spice, y'all. i was sick after vegas for obvious reasons, and -- with a cold. i went and interviewed somebody. they gave me a shot of this. no longer sick. >> leak a shot tsh. >> you juice it and take a little shot. >> she has no cold. >> tomorrow you guys are going to sit down with the lovely and fun kate hudson. >> also, elvis duran reveals his new artist of the month. >> plus your dinner dilemma solved. fans. >> amazing. >> have a great monday. >> nice talking to you.
10:54 am
>> nice talking to you. here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. bouma.... drake university is set for the final democratic town hall before clinton, martin o'malley and bernie sanders come town
10:55 am
the des mines register reports
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